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About hSmart

hSmart specializes in the integration of innovative smart technology to provide unique, cost-effective solutions. By providing products that are accessible, easy to install, and user-friendly, we enable customers to expand their current network of applications, thereby helping them to gain an edge over the competition, and enhance the end-user experience. We collaborate with our partners in a variety of ways, ranging from supplying our current product line, to producing a new product from scratch, to enhancing an existing (possibly out-dated) system by connecting it to latest developments in technology.

Located in Fremont, CA - Silicon Valley, we primarily provides:

  1. OEM/ODM services for the following products:
    • Intercom P2P IP Camera and Mobile APP
    • Security LED Light with P2P IP Camera and Mobile APP
    • Gateway / HUB: ZigBee, 433MHz/315MHz, and Bluetooth
    • Other products you may be interested in.
  2. R&D / Manufacturers in Taiwan and China to develop your own protocol and moldings.
  3. Other Bluetooth Products

In partnership with 7C, our private label OEM/ODM division, H1 Smart can help you develop custom products based on your requirements from beginning to end by performing:

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